Westfa   music    v.o.f.
‘NINE’ contains a surprising variety of  “lay back” easy listening
pop- and latin music.

It’s music from the heart....


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february 13:   “zo: Raymann” national tv, NED 1  23.00
february 20: “zo: Raymann” national tv, NED 1  23.00
february 27: “zo: Raymann” national tv, NED 1  23.00
March 6:     De Banier Church Rotterdam
March 6:    “zo: Raymann” national tv, NED 1  23.00
March 13:    Harvest The Hague
March 13:    “zo: Raymann” national tv, NED 1  23.00
March 19:    Interkerkelijk Nieuwegein
March 27:   Church Amstelveen
March 28:   Radio Paradise fm Amsterdam
March 28:   Roparun Rotterdam
April 1:      Surifair Eindhoven
April 8:     Zoë Nights, Zeist
April 10:    Church Rijswijk
April 24:   Harvest Capelle a/d IJssel
April 25:   Muriel Blijd in Concert, Amsterdam
May 8:    “Zo: Raymann” national tv, Ned 1  23.00
May 8:     Jörgen Raymann theatershow “Frede” 
May 14:    Afterparty Roue Verveer Meervaart A’dam
May 21:    Trafassi Isala Theater Capelle a/d IJssel
May 22:    Trafassi, festival Rotterdam
May 26:   Release Party ‘NINE”
         Zuidplein Theater Rotterdam
May 30:   Radio 5 Hilversum “Dichtbij Nederland”
June 3:    Tropical Allstar, Melkweg Amsterdam
June 24:   Festival LaMère, Almere
July 1:     Keti Koti Festival Amsterdam
Aug 26:   Radio Domino Amsterdam
Aug 29:   Radio Domino Amsterdam
Aug 30:   Radio Domino Amsterdam
Aug 31:   Radio Domino Amsterdam
Sept 1:   Radio Domino Amsterdam
Aug 2:   Radio Domino Amsterdam
* Ulrike Westfa              Vocals, Backing Vocals
* Mark Westfa               Electric Bass, Babybass, Guitar, Backing Vocals
* Iwan VanHetten            Keys, Trumpet
* Hans Eijkenaar              Drums
* Leendert Haaksma          Guitar
* Mark Milan                  Piano
* Papie Monte                Piano
* Joe Rivera                  Trumpet
* Konstantin Klashtorni     Saxophone
* Soeshiel & Anil Sharma  Percussion

Recorded & mixed by Iwan VanHetten @ VanHetten Productions Recording Studio
Mastered By Darius van Helfteren @ Amsterdam Mastering
Produced & Arranged by Iwan VanHetten & Mark Westfa
Executive producer : Mark Westfa
The season of joy is here...
Of love that will never depart
Let this, throughout the year
Be the season
of our heart....